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Home of Domain Name Consultant and CIRA member Mark John Thorpe.

Domain names are Internet Real Estate and your digital Identity.
A Domain Name Is the foundation to build your business online. 
Domain Names give you a presence on the Web that you need, In order to succeed.

It is necessary to have an online presence for your business and a domain name helps give you that.
If you do not use a domain name for your business, you will lose out to your competitors. 
Social Media, Apps and Search Engines are just utilities and should only be used as tools for your business.

About myself:

I am 51 years old and live In New Brunswick, Canada.
Proud Canadian and people that know me, would say that I am a nice guy, good father, happy grandfatherrespectful and expect the same in return.

My Interests Include Domain Names, Investing, my grandson, spending time with family and my dog. 
Other interests include movies, muscle cars, trucks and sports.

I dedicate all that I do to my late father, John Thorpe. I am living my dreams and his as well.
Also to my mother, who went though a lot in her life and deserved a better fate.

My father taught me the most Important lesson in life: "The World does not meet you halfway and that anything is possible."

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